Regrettably, due to situation that is beyond our control, the 2013 African Summit has been cancelled.
Our sincere apology to all the speakers, partners and volunteers who have supported us and kept us strong. We decided to keep all the site content intact as a tribute to the efforts and support that were demonstrated before the event.
The African Summit team
“There is no ‘Plan B’ for action as there is no ‘Planet B’.”
-Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations at the Climate Summit 2014

The 2015 African Summit

A gathering that engages some of the world’s leading experts in sustainable development issues to share their innovative solution ideas and experiences through presentations, expert panel discussions, debates and intellectual conversations to benefit all of our communities.

Venue: Senate House, University of London, UK
JULY 21, 2015 Youth Summit: “The Diaspora Youth Beyond 2015″
JULY 21-23, 2015″ African Summit: “Sustainable Development Goals and Africa beyond 2015: The Role of the African Diaspora”



The main objective for the 2nd African Summit 2013 is to develop policies and programs that address the complexities and practical implications of the Africa Diaspora in the socio-economic development of Africa, and foster appropriate relations between International Development Actors in the Post 2015 process.

Moreover, the summit shall seek to advocate, promote and strengthen the Africa Diasporas role in development by creating a perfect window of opportunity for engagement.

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